Snapping in Layout

In SU Layout 2016 I used to be able to leave position lines on a layout sheet and use object snap to help me to snap the imported drawing to the line.

This doesn’t seem to happen Lasyout 2020

It should. Can you share a LayOut file with the set up you use?

Hi Dave,

The working file is too large I’m afraid.

I made up this test sheet

TEST SHEET.layout (718.1 KB)

What are you trying to snap the model viewport to? I don’t see anything but the viewport. And are you using the precision placement doodad to do the snapping?

I drew in a rectangle and then snapped a point in the viewport to a corner of the rectangle. Works as expected.

Hi Dave,

I would normally draw a line and place it where I would want the corner of a window or elevation (say) would be placed on a drawing sheet.

And then move the insertion point for the viewport to the corner of the window before moving the viewport? Like I showed in the GIF?

Thanks Dave

I see that I neglected to place the snap point (my term.)

That’s an important part of it.