Sketchup snaps from SU 2023 in layout

This may not be a request, and might exist IRL already.

Does anyone know of a modifier key or any way to use the measure tool in layout to lock to snaps created in SU? I can think of many use cases, but here’s one.

All plumbing and lighting fixtures I create in SU have their axis set to the center of junction box, or rough-in valve/stub out. I recently started adding snaps to each of these locations to more easily be able to place in SU (this location is almost always hidden by other geometry, and often with curved surfaces that are more difficult to snap to the center of in layout). If we could take that same ease of placement and get usability out of layout that would be incredible.

Super cool idea.

There is a very thorough Layout future upgrade/fixes list floating around on the forums. Dont remember where. This would a great addition to that list

I’ll try and find it, thanks for the heads up.