Snapping stops

Snapping (all - measure, etc) disables, requiring restarting. Anyone else having this issue after the last update. Infuriating!

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This! Relatively seldom, but very irritating

Make sure no Sketchup is running. (Perhaps restart your computer)
Find the downloaded installer file on your computer (or download frees copy from here: ), right click on it and from the context menu choose Run as administrator. When prompted choose Repair. When it finished, restart your computer.

Also go to Nvidia site and download the most up to date driver for your graphic card and install. Make sure the Sketchup use the dedicated (Nvidia) graphic card.

I think I saw it on rather fresh install, don’t think it’d be helpful

Can be corrupted if does not installed correctly and checked the graphics driver as I suggested.

You’re also hava a rights to ignore …if you find it unuseful.

IMO it’s a bug, typically observed in heavy files after hours of modeling. File restarting helps. I see it once in a month ( this making bug hard to fix) this is not too unbearable but rather annoying