Smustard Weld Plugin Question

Wanted to check-in regarding Smustard’s Weld plugin, as they do not yet list SU 2019 as being supported in Extension Warehouse. Anyone have any issues/problems with using with SU 2019?

I haven’t tried it but I would expect it would work. I use TIG Weld, Eneroth Auto Weld, and Fredo’s Make Curves from Curvizard.

hi DaveR

Thanks Dave, much appreciated input. I am trying out @TIG Weld.

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Nope, been using it since I started using SU 2019 with no issues

You should give Christina’s Auto Weld a try, too. It will go through a selection of geometry and weld everything that is weld-able. I find that to be very useful with complex geometry.

Before welding with sketchy edges.

After welding with Auto Weld

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Thank you @junior and @DaveR for your additional input. Best.