Welds Plugin Question

Question, the Plugin Welds was suggested to me. I looked into and found that SU2016 is not listed as supported. Please advise if you have successful experience with using in SU2016?

Yes. Weld works in SU2016. I prefer TIG-Weld which also works in SU2016. It is available from the Sketchucation Plugin Store.

didn’t we do tig welding in high school, Dave? For the uninitiated, see http://www.lincolnelectric.com/en-us/equipment/tig-welders/Pages/tig-welders.aspx I guess I never pictured our TiG to be made of tungsten.


Is there any difference between Smustard and TIG’s versions? I never used TIG’s weld, wondering if it has more advantages?

Yeah. And some of the guys did other things they probably shouldn’t have with the welder. :wink:

It’s hard to tell by looking at him.

The key difference between Rick Wilson’s Weld.rb and TIG’s TIG-weld, based on the description in Tig’s version, is that TIG’s doesn’t close faces. I almost never want faces to close when I weld a loop of edges.

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Smustard’s Weld always included the option to close faces. The latest version doesn’t add a face by default - which is handy as I assigned this plugin to a keyboard shortcut as it’s used a lot. The option dialog is accessible through the Extension menu. .

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By ‘closing faces’ do you mean creating a face when a loop of edges is welded or adding a line segment to close an open loop? Because either way I never get any differences when tweaking the settings in Smustard.

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If these Smustard Weld Settings are set like this, it never creates any faces.

I am on the same boat with @VahePaulman. always used Smustard Weld and never looked into TIG’s. Any other difference that you are aware of? Maybe both of us will convert :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s no pop up dialog on TIG’s. I’d forgotten about that on Rick’s.

Actually, I don’t get the popup either.

I think once you set the setting, it doesn’t popup.

I guess it it virtually the same as TIG’s.

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I’ve nothing against Tig weld, but I have Curvizard Weld set as my shortcut, as it’s part of that whole package.

Thanks DaveR for answering my SU2016 question.
I also appreciate learning about alternative “weld” plugins.
-Thanks for the discussion.

Smustard’s Weld doesn’t have a pop-up any more like it used to. That option is now a separate item listed on the Extension menu.

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