Smooth lines export? helppp

Hi, i try to obtain smooth lines when export 2D graphic, i need this for art, so i need smooth and close lines, when export the lines are pixelated and very irregular… I need a result similar to the 2 images below, smooth, precise and close lines.

Please share the images in your post, not links to unknown pages.

Sharing the SketchUp model would also help.

What format are you choosing to export to? Try choosing Export/2D Graphic/EPS as that is vector and will keep the lines smooth when you zoom in.


What do you mean by “what?” ?

dont link, how i can make a photo reference of what i want

  1. When exporting images, you can check the “Antialiasing” box in the export options dialog to get smoother lines.
  2. You can get even better results by exporting a large image to a higher resolution than needed and then downsizing it in your image editor (Photoshop, for instance).

drag and drop it into your replay on this forum…

or use the supplied upload button…


edit: like this