Slow Reactions using Sketch Up on a new laptop


When I open Sketchup 2018 there is a message that there are 4 updates to be installed
When I strike the “INSTALL Extension” button it wants to know where to install this?
Where should I install:
Advanced Camera Tools
Dynamic Components
Sandbox Tools
Trimble Connect
Thanks for any help


They are already installed, but with a version that is now superceded. So you don’t need to “Install”, you need to “Update”! Here’s the “Window --> Extension Manager” screen:

Extensions that need to be updated will have the “Update” button in white text on a red background (like all the “Uninstall” buttons).


Thank You very much!

All done.



It’s worth pointing out here that your thread title has absolutely nothing to do with your issue.
Please be aware that the thread title is important and helps you and others get answers.
In this particular case your thread title actually stopped me reading your thread because I thought it was about another issue that has been addressed many times.


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