Slow operation vs system resources

Before Ill go any further Ill just clarify that I have read all the advice on speeding up sketchup that only advice to modify OpenGl and some work on layers, it looks like the most important issue was never addressed I mean the system resources use of sketchup.

No matter what I do at max I`ve seen 7.5% of cpu(not a single core maxing out), 1.5Gb of ram(with gigs spare and sitting idle), 4%GPU(only when moving objects otherwise sitting at 0%) and 0% use on drive

Is there maybe a way to make sketchup use more of the PC?


SketchUp is a single core application, so it’ll max out one core (at most) which will reflect as a low percentage if you have a CPU with a good few cores.

Consider correcting your profile, there is no SU 2018 Make (desktop) version…

not a single core maxed out

after the answer above I`ve setup affinity to only one core and yes it did max it
so it looks like windows or something was bouncing the load around the CPU to keep it healthy and cool
unfortunately that did not change anything considering performance


:disappointed_relieved: I dont want to use any other software I really like Sketchup due to ease of use and all the cool plugins.

FYI, MS Windows limits the amount of certain kinds of RAM each application process can use.
Search the web (or MS site) for more information.

besides increasing the priority of SU (and over-clocking the CPU… take care) not with this system.

But you can switch to a CPU with a better Single Thread Performance as e.g. an intel Core i7-8700K/9700K being roughly 50% faster than your AMD Ryzen 7 1800X.

No is not
I tested the same thing on another PC

both with fresh pro 2019 trial (pro actually cut the process but still it takes way to long)
exactly the same file etc…

Increasing Page file made no difference as per " DanRathbun" recomendation

:disappointed_relieved:All I wanted to do is play a bit with

for printing purposes

it is for native SU modeling operations, an extension as CleanUpÂł or render extensions may use some multi-threading.

So I let it running just for giggles and it changed nothing
object is still impossible to even rotate or zoom in/out without skipping
there is something really really wrong about sketchup
even the simplest software has no trouble with even more complex objects.
Slic3r for example has to turn objects into Gcode working it slice by slice with infils and supports and it does it in minutes not days.

What are the specs for the Alien model?

Have you considered simplifying the geometry (would still take a very long time)?

Extensions to use include Artisan Organic.

Your GPU is not as efficient with SU as an NVIDIA GPU - is the driver up to date?

That fighting symptoms and is nowhere near of a solution.
and is just plane wrong to start to do things less than what they are thats regress.

Look up the printscreens above I tested it on team blue/green PC as well and its all the same
are my drivers up to date ? :rofl: ahh come on

Are you saying your model moved just as slow using the NVIDIA GPU as with the Vega GPU?

There are other posts on this forum regarding Radeon GPU performance -

Open GL and Radeon

It is a normal solution for SketchUp to keep geometry only as detailed as needed - the simpler the geometry, the faster you can work.

I have no issues working on the alien with an i7 3.1Ghz and intergrated intel iris graphic card.

I know a guy who had issues…

I fired it up on the other pc again and its still a bit jumpy though yeah noticeably better.
I`ll look at the radeon threads and come back in few days.

Yes I get that but when you export an stl and printed 24sided circles have very noticeable sides.
and depending on application thats even good (bearings sit nice and snug).

When it comes to this project I want it to be almost a meter tall so it does not sit well with me to loose details.

As you can see from @Box - the geometry is workable with the right hardware.

A Radeon Open GL issue doesn’t seem to explain all the slowness on your system.

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in general, switch off power-saving and connect to AC if the best performance of a notebook is required.