Slow and trembling picture when roaming with select tool

I am trying out SketchUp 2023 to to get the $299 per year version; however, I am having a problem that I don’t know if when I purchase it will be resolved. When I roam with the select tool to a part of a drawing that I wish to modify, the roaming is slow and trembling. Is this a problem resolved in settings or when acquiring the subscription will be corrected ?

This sounds more like a graphics issue. Your profile says you are using Mac El Capitan (10.11).
Screenshot - 4_29_2023 , 6_03_47 PM

SketchUp 2023 doesn’t support that old version. See:

You could share your SketchUp model file with us so we can see what you’ve got going on. It would help you to track down the actual problem.

Building on what @DaveR wrote, SketchUp performance during operations such as zoom, orbit, and pan is mainly a question of whether your graphics are able to handle the complexity of the model. An extremely “heavy” model (millions of edges and faces) can cause even a powerful graphics system to struggle, especially if profiles and/or shadows are turned on.

We can’t tell from your forum profile how old or powerful your computer is, but if you are still running El Capitan I suspect it is old. In addition, El Capitan has not been supported by SketchUp for a number of years. That doesn’t mean it absolutely won’t run, but current versions haven’t been tuned for old macOS, may be unstable there, and that combination won’t get any tech support.

The trial version has the same tools and behaves the same way than after acquiring the license. Turning off the profile edges can help with that problem, also if you’re using heavy materials causes the lag you’re experiencing, can you share the file you’re working on that has this issues?

Thank you all very much for your prompt answers to my question. I imagine from what you are telling me that if i “hide” all furniture,cars, people etc from the scene that I am working on the slowness problem should get better then. I will give it a try.
Also, can I use something else rather than El Capitan without changing my computer to improve my situation ? I have a 2017 Apple computer and love using SketchUp for my design work.
Thank you so much !!

I don’t know that a 2017 mac can be upgraded, as far as OS goes. You may need to upgrade your computer if you want to use the most recent version of SketchUp.

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the question is, “what do you mean by a 2017 mac?” :slight_smile:

SU 2023 needs at least Mac os 11 Big sur, Big Sur needs this :

technically SU2023 can run on a 2013 macbook pro. that’s 3 year OS compatibility (SU) + 7 years compatibility (Apple) for you.

MacOS Ventura is also officially supported by 2017 macs, unofficially it’s possible to install the latest OS even on a 2012 mac.

I can run SketchUp 2023 and older versions on my 2017 Macbook Pro running Monterey OS without any problems.

I think is a problem of model optimization, that’s why asked if he could share the file to check what’s causing the lag on his viewport.

Based on this, the model must have a lot of assets from the 3D warehouse, and probably some heavy materials.

Hi Jean,
I installed the Monterrey OS on my computer and SketchUp 23 now works much better.
Thamk you and all who answered for your help. I really appreciate it !