Slicer slicing from a fixed point


Is it possible in slicer to set the startting point of slicing. Not from the center but from a fixed point?

What is slicer?

Are you referring to the Slicer extension by TIG? If so, it would make more sense to ask your question in the Slicer thread at Sketchucation.

Assuming it’s about my Slicer extension…
The answer is yes & no…
The slicing is determined by the object’s bounds dimensions, but you can set the slicing to be inset/offset by a distance ??
The object has to be a ‘solid’, which means it has to contain only edges and faces, BUT Sketchup will ignore guide-points, so with some ingenuity you could edit the object and insert a guide-point to change the bounds and thereby change the slicing start ???

Thanks for the information. I moved the centerpoint by removing 1 slice. It seems to work. Thanks again.