Slicer plug-in for creating laser cut models?

Is there a “slicer” plug in for Sketchup that does something like in this fusion 360 screenshot?
Hoping to make some plywood kits kids can assemble…


Try this Zorro2
Does what you want…


Zorro 2 doesn’t slice the way he wants, there are plug-ins that can make the slices automatically.

Would you happen to know a workflow or setting to create a vertical “spine” to this, and automate the notches?

Here’s the result I got with the first attempt…

I can’t think of any solution, but I’m sure there is someone who has it and contributes it.

A few years a decade ago, there was an Autodesk App, 123D Make
Later, it became Slicer for Fusion 360 and finally in 2020, got absorbed by fusion.

It did pretty much what Tig’s tool does, auto placed the dowels and keys for placement, generated the pdf and all.

You can probably look for the old app online, some sites might still have the installer, no idea if it still works.

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My Slicer5 will do this.
You sliced in the blue Z axis.
One of the options is to slice in the YZ green/blue axis.
In the second dialog, set the spacing of the one set of slices to much more/less than you used for the first dialog and choose to slot etc…
There are many permutations…