Sliceform animals for pop up cards

I’m sorry to bother, but I am trying to find a simple program to create sliceform objects for pop cards, the Sketchup customer service asked that I post here to see if anyone uses SketchUp for this purpose and which program would be the best and easiest to use. Thank you in advance for your help or suggestions on where I might go to find assistance.

Maybe you can explain what it is you are hoping to create. I am not familiar with sliceform, do detail about what you want to make would help us to give advice!

black lab.PNG

Aaron, I am trying to replicate this

More info: Sliceform

Cool! I want one of my pooch.

As for the slice forms, this is something you could do with SketchUp Pro and an extension. You would of course need to learn how to created the animal shape first. Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free (web). You could manually make something like this in that version but it would take some time to do.

This was done with TIG’s Slicer 5 from Sketchucation using a random pooch from the 3D Warehouse.

I didn’t bother slotting the parts but the extension will do that, too.


I’ve done this a lot with SketchUp and intersect with faces. I download a mesh of the figure from the 3d warehouse and then manually place planes intersecting the figure.I create components of each slice and then place them flat on a rectangle representing the sheet good size, export it as pdf or dawg, and then send to the laser cutter. It’s a very manual process, but once you get the hang of it it,s fairly fast.

Autodesk fusion 3d can do this process automatically though. Not much control for the detail or layout of sheets. (Fusion 360 slicer)

I have tried both and still go back to SketchUp, for it,s control.


Which Sketchup do you use?

Pro. With SketchUp web everything except exporting is possible. I’m not sure if SketchUp free can export or print to scale.

Did you know that Tig’s slicer mentioned above, will lay all these out for you and export them as .png or .dxf

Is that a different program than Sketchup?

I see, it’s a plug in for SketchUp, thank you.

No! I´m looking at the samples at sketchucation and it apparently does what Wendy2 needs. And what I do manually … :frowning: I´ll try it. Thank you Box!

I e downloaded sketch up and tried to add the tig sliceer but I’m having a hard time figuring it all out