Sleepless Night

If in direct sunlight, I would suggest ABS.

Thanks. They’re only in direct sunlight if the window is open and the sun is in the right position. There are five other windows on this sun porch and the three on this window are the only ones that have degraded. I’m not sure I want to print ABS, especially considering my printer is on my desk for the foreseeable future. :wink:

For years I’ve wanted to be able to apply sketchy styles to entities drawn in LayOut (hint, hint @trent and @adam). This morning I thought I’d try a kluge method of getting that look. This is the result.

Sketchy Dimension Line Test

It’s not an ideal workflow but it can be done fairly quickly. The downside is that while the dimensions are still attached to the model and will update if the model is changed, the sketchy dimension lines won’t update.


Sounds like a sketchy kluge method. How did you do it?

It is, I guess.

  1. Dimension the viewports with the dimensions on their own layer.
  2. Copy and paste the dimensions to a separate layer immediately under the Dimensions layer.
  3. Explode the pasted dimensions and delete the text.
  4. Turn off all layers but the one with the exploded dimension lines on it.
  5. Export a .dxf file. Don’t export hidden layers, do export for SketchUp.
  6. Import the .dxf into SketchUp.
  7. Select the same Sketchy style used in the project model.
  8. Create a scene with Camera set to Parallel Projection, Standard Top view, and Zoom extents.
  9. Save the .skp file and insert into the LayOut file on a layer below the Dimension layer.
  10. Edit the real dimensions so the text boxes have a white fill and the dimension lines are transparent.

Sounds like a lot but it took me longer to type this than to do it.


Calling this one finished.

Caesar Tram Loco


Artist’s easel designed by Amanda Russell. Model and shop drawings for Fine Woodworking Magazine.

Easel by Amanda Russell

Easel by Amanda Russell