Sleepless Night

Still need to add some paint and I might monkey around with it for some images but the modeling is complete. I already have a couple of different rail components. I guess I can put some track under this thig. I’m going to skip the screw threads this time.



Starting another one. A long way from finished.

This is a digital model of a physical model of a locomotive designed by Samuel Geoghegan to work in the Guiness Brewery in Dublin.


Slow going but some progress. Lots of parts. Fortunately there’s a lot of symmetry in this one and the new Flip tool is making the work easier.


Always amazed by your mechanical marvel’s. :+1:


Thank you very much.

The shadows look great. They give the image so much depth. Do you set them with SUP’s calendar in the Shadows tray?

Thanks. I just set them up in the Shadows panel in the Default Tray. For these sort of views I don’t spend much time setting up the shadows. Mostly just turn the on.

I just tried to emulate your drawings with one of mine by changing the style to something minimalist (“Hidden Lines”?) and enabling shadows, but the result just isn’t the same! Clearly you have a few good tricks up your sleeve.

It’s a tiny bit “sketchy,” and maybe grey for line color instead of pure black?

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I had the face style set to Monochrome and, as @RTCool mentioned, the edges use a sketchy line style I created. The image was exported at at 6000 px wide (and cropped) to get the very thin lines.

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I know you’ve explained this before, but I don’t remember… how do you do the fillets on the inside corners especially when they running a right angles to each other? I use Fredo 6 Corner, and it works great (sometimes) on outside corners. Follow Me can run around a single path, but how do you get fillets that run 90 degress from each other?

It depends on the exact geometry. Which model are you thinking of?

This one…

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For that fillet I used Follow Me to run a cove shape to follow that curve running it long on each end. Then I trimmed the ends off to match the shape of the part. The extrusion was a solid as was the part itself. After cutting the ends I merged the two objects with Bool Tools 2

There are tools for that? I’ve been doing it manually, one corner at a time. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

It’s good to know how to do it manually so you can understand how the tools do what they do.

Sure, but I’m running outta life here!

Does Bool Tools2 do things that Solid Tools can’t?

There´s a problem with native solid tools, when you make a Boolean operation to a component, it becomes unique automatically so the operation doesn’t affect the rest of the instances, that doesn’t happen with Booltools, with Bool tools you can also make operations with objects that arent solids, it´s not ideal to do it cause the results could not be the desired but it is possible anyway.