SKP hanging up

I have a huge model. It works fine except when I turn on the shadows then it hangs up and I have to force quit. I was thinking maybe I need a new external eGPU for my mac book pro or is there something I can do?

Advice? I’m not a pro at the workings of computers!

Shadows add a large burden. Only
turn them on when you are ready to create a final view, and then be patient. SketchUp hasn’t crashed, it just needs time to do the work.

It doesn’t crash it just sits and turns. I turned it on and left it alone for over an hour and I still had the beach ball of death spinning.

View, Edge Style, Profiles, is even more demanding. Turning that off may give you enough performance to be able to use shadows.

If you look at Model Info-> statistics what are the edge and face counts for your model? Have you purged unused?

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