Why reaching a Large Sketchup File always hang up my Computer? I'll try to draw a detailed house in 3d





it reached 30MB file


Why when i turn the shadow it hang up?


One over another this might be all that Sketchup can do.
If this affects your work, then hide some layers and only work on one layer at a time.
Never work with your shadows on.


shadow is processing intensive, disable eye candy during modeling as e.g. shadows as well as x-ray mode or complex styles etc.

if enabling shadow crashes SU it might be also a bad OpenGL support of your graphics card (as e.g. the internal/shared ones; btw, which?), you can evaluate this by disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration”… which is slowing down the display output but avoids possible flaws of the video driver.


it looks like your tiles and guttering have a large amount of faces and edges…

is each tile a component?

copy/paste a small section of roof into another file and post it here so suggestions can be made for making it lighter…



Maybe you could consider reducing the amount of detail and only use higher detail where needed?
For instance, for rooftiles I use a simple textured solid and only use high detail rooftiles where I know I will make a section for use in LayOut.


hiding some edges on the rafters to reduce the edge that your graphic card has to render will do some justice.
Shadows do not help either.


Using a texture instead of actual tile models might help. At least reduce the segments in the arcs you have used to model them.



here is my roof sample


thanks a lot for replying it help so much


it is in group sir john