SKP Extension Warehouse vs SketchUcation ExtensionStore which one to use?


I have more than 90 extensions from SKP 2022 have to be installed to SKP 2023.
I just try to follow expert advise here to DON’T COPY & PASTE extensions from program folder but better to do fresh install when updating SKP to new version.

Just wonder, if installing extensions from SKP default Extension Warehouse still be a best practice ?
First I am not sure if version in EW is most update. It seems SketchUcation extensions are more regularly update.

Now I first search from Extensions warehouse, if cannot find then I will go to SketchUcation Extension store. How you transfer extensions ?

I have long list of extensions to go. It is good to know if I am not only one have to install them one by one.

Thank you for your sharing.

One of the bad experiences of Extension warehouse is there no option for user to multi select extensions in My Download session to bulk installation. Trimble don’t care about that. Bad UX design.

If Extension Warehouse improved better UX and privacy, developers no need to host their plugins in another platform.

Hmm, maybe true since SKP already have user login account. It should be able save installed extensions history for upgrading. I just see “bundles” from Sketchucation ExtensionStore.

Any Sketchucation, also have UX problem. They should move search box on the top to make it easier to use.

Extension Warehouse have, but… sick.
Why can’t not have these? How many years for simple things?


oh, I notice! This is at least useful. Thank you for telling me :smiley:

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This isn’t an either/or question. If you are getting extensions from Sketchucation you should use the Sketchucation ExtensionStore to install them. That way they are added to your bundle for easy download later when you upgrade to a new version. It also helps you keep the extensions you get from Sketchucation up to date. If you download them and use Extension Manager to install them, it’s extra steps for you and you will have to manually check for updates.

The Sketchucation ExtensionStore tool is also required for paid extensions from Fredo6 and others.

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You could make sure that 2022 doesn’t see any updates for any of the extensions, then the copy and paste that isn’t recommended may well work first time.

If any of the extensions have a problem with 2023, that stops 2023 (or other extensions) from working correctly, you could then try moving out various combinations of extensions to narrow down which ones are causing problems.

If there was a bulk installer, it would be little different from doing the file copy, because you may still get some extensions causing problems. Although I do see that 39 of your extensions are from Extension Warehouse, I would be hopeful those will transfer ok. I don’t know about the SketchUcation ones, but I would do what Dave suggests, and use their ExtensionStore tool.

Don’t know why you didn’t see the install buttons for a few extensions. They install ok for me, though of course Annotations doesn’t work in 2022, but does in 2023.

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Thank you for your reply. I have to spend full day to install all extensions.
I use a lot of shortcut keys for extensions tools, so I really cannot use default SketchUp after update.
Maybe it is good to take a bit time to clean up and check if any extensions I don’t need anymore and check all update.

The most smoothest update experience are from Dale Mightsight studio (Profile Builder, SKIMP, Booltool, etc.) and from Thomthom (Vertex tool, Sub D). I just install from SKP extension warehouse then all licenese keys are automatic update to new version.

For Sketchucatio, all update is also easy.

This less extension I need to find old license key from emails in order to update.
I already save all licenses to same file so next update should be faster.

At least what I like from SketchUp team is all keyboard shortcut is auto transfer from old version.
Once I install all extensions. I can immediately use them like before.

All keyboard shortcuts are auto transfer when you install a new version, it’s default of Sketchup.

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Oh, i just notice it. I always export and import shortcut.