Extension Warehouse, "Install All"

In the extension warehouse under “My Downloads” in the user menu ( I think used to be called my extensions) didn’t we used to have options to deinstall all or update all or install all across the top, am I mis-remembering. Is there no way to install all now?

There hasn’t been for awhile since they made a change to the Warehouse last year. On the bright side, if you used the Sketchucation Extension Store to install the extensions from Sketchucation, you can use it in 2021 to install those extensions automatically.

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Thanks Dave, can you point me in the right direction to reinstall all from Sketucation plugin. I have the extensions store loaded into 2021 but I can’t find a way to install all through it.

Open the Sketchucation Extension Store panel and click on the gear icon at the top.

Then click on Bundles. Assuming you used the Sketchucation tool to install extensions in SU2020 you should have a bundle for 2020. Click on the Install Bundle button.

Of course there’s only a bundle created when you use the Sketchucation tool to get and install extensions and it only works for extensions from Sketchucation. The tool won’t install extensions from the Extension Warehouse.

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“Bundles”, got it, now I’m in business. Thanks.

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One of the benefits of bundles is you can Duplicate one you already have, then weed out the things you don’t want or know haven’t been updated, then install that cleaned up bundle.


I see how this can work. But when I click on expand a bundle nothing happens. How can I see what’s in a bundle?

The bundle must have something in it for it to expand, so a 2021 would have nothing to expand.

This should happen.

Hmmm… Not happening for me. It did install my old 2020 bundles into 2021 just fine, but I am unable to expand them.

That’s odd, do you have the most recent version of the extension store?
I would ask @TIG at sketchucation, i’ve poked him here with that @ so he may apparate, but worth asking the question over there.

Can I suggest you post about this over at SketchUcation, in the tool’s thread…
That way Gábor from the IT dept is more likely to see it and investigate - the Bundles are saved and manipulated server-side - including the HTML / JS to display them in the dialog, so little of the computer-side Ruby is involved - except for receiving the list and downloading/installing the extensions.

I know that Gábor has been looking at adding functionality to the Bundles page, e.g. to allow users to manually delete unwanted Bundles themselves [at the moment you must ask him to do it on the server !]
But I don’t think he has broken anything - in v2021 my Bundles list and display as expected…

Have you tried clearing your Internet-Explorer cache ?
At the moment this tool still uses ye olde WebDilaog code…

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It’s working correctly for me in 2021, too.

I believe I need to do this > Bump for ‘install all’ in Extension Warehouse

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It would definitely be nice if they could bring this feature back for the Extension Warehouse.

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