Skm file thumbnails not showing in file explorer

Hey, wondering if anyone knows a way to fix this issue I’m having. All my texture files that are saved out usually show the texture in the file explorer. I noticed the other day that some of them were just white thumbnails. Then today a whole folder was just white. So I did some things suggested online and now all the folders are white thumbnails! My SKP files show fine, no issues with them. It’s just the SKM files.

Would appreciate if anyone knows what’s going on! I’m on Windows 11.

Did they ever show correctly with this installation of SketchUp?

You might try repairing the SketchUp installation. Close SketchUp and LayOut if it’s open, find the installer in your Downloads folder, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then when the option is presented, choose Repair. After that completes do a cold reboot of your computer and see if there’s any change.

Do what Dave recommended about Repairs the app…
To get SKM files’ thumbnails to show their images in Windows Explorer try this…
Change the SKMs’ folder’s View to show [Extra] Large Icons.
Select one SKM file and right-click > context-menu > Open with…
Choose SketchUp Application and also tick the option to always use that app…
SketchUp will not open a SKM file directly, but the filetype associations should be fixed, and now your SKM files’ thumbnails should display their images.

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Hi @DaveR that’s a good point, I am currently on a Studio 30 day trial, this might be the reason that they’ve disappeared. I was going to run the administrator but don’t seem to have the file in the downloads. I have downloaded latest version from sketchup though. I might hold off running it as I don’t want to lose the remaining days of the trail as I have a project next week where having the Revit importer is going to be very useful. Once the trial is up I will run the repair and hopefully might fix it all. Thank for the speedy reply, much appreciated

The 30-day trial would have no impact on whether or not thumbnails are displayed by Windows.

Repairing the installation will not affect the trial period.

FWIW, according to terms of use the free trial period is strictly for evaluation of the software not for commercial projects.

Ok that’s really good to know, I will run the repair now to see if that fixes things.

Duly noted re terms :+1:

Hi @DaveR sadly didn’t initially fix the thumbnail issues, @TIG I missed your comments earlier and just did as you said and that’s fixed it, thank you both