Skewed Drawings



One of my drawings got majorly skewed when I must have been moving something and I’ll only just noticed now. Any ideas of how get it back to normal with having to start over? Please. Please Help. So much time wasted! :frowning:


Upload the SKP file so we can see what needs to be done to get it fixed.


If you don’t want to upload the skp, at least show a screen capture.

A skewed section of a model may be possible to repair, or redraw just that section if time permits?


What do you mean by “skewed”? If you have orbited your view so that you are no longer viewing your “drawing” in Plan view, you can get back to that via Camera menu>Standard views>Top, or clicking on the Top view icon in the Views toolbar.

If you have really moved something, the only way to repair it is to select the same entitied again and move them back where they should be. You can also look if the older version of your model preserved in the .skb file beside your model file also has the same error.