Sketchy Edges


I wondered if somebody could advise on the below. We have created a concept and want to add the SketchyEdges style of line to the outline, but keep the colour and crosses. When we apply the SketchyEdges style, it removes the colour, is it possible to keep the colour?

Once you’ve selected the Sketchy Edge style you want, go to Styles. In Styles, click on the Edit tab and go down to Style. You’ll want to click on “display in shaded mode” and that should let your colors show through.

Thank you, that’s great and works, but the crosses disappear. Each “plant” is made up of tags and the cross is one of the tags, but disappears when in SketchyEdges style?

If the sketchy line style doesn’t include strokes that are short enough for the edges in the crosses, they won’t show. Depending on the style you’ve selected you might be able to show more detail. There’s a slider in the Edges edit panel and if it’s not already at the top of the scale, move it up. Another option would be to redraw the crosses such that one line is above the other so they don’t get broken at their intersection. Each edge will be longer that way. If you are exporting images from SketchUp, you could also export the image at a larger size. That can make the shorter edges display although it will result in the linework being thinner.

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Hm. The tags shouldn’t make a difference. In some of the sketchy styles, very small lines get lost in the effect, so one option would be to make the crosses bigger. Another option is to go back to the edit menu, click on Edge Settings. You’ll see a slider for level of detail (you can try to move that up). There’s also an option called Extension (change the number to help the lines overlap).

If you are using parallel projection you will get more things missing , as I think the choice as to whether a sketchy edge is visible or not is dependant on the distance from the camera and that mode is perhaps mathematically infinite in distance.

You will get different results if you export the image - try outputting it at a very high resolution - this will cause more lines to be rendered in.

Would be good to see a new Style Builder skill builder as I’m sure you can get better results if you create your own style files… not seen any vid on that feature in a looooong while!

Here’s an example I did a hundred years ago comparing the difference in export size when the exported images are reduced to the same final size. This is all from the same style.

You might do.

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Yeah pixel rezzzz is important too

"100 years ago " yes a remember that Dave haha