SketchUps Phone number

Does anyone know how to call SketchUp? It seems impossible. I am simply looking for my Sketchup pro-2019 invoice. I requested it last week and need it quite urgently. I have tried calling them but apparently the call centre number is nowhere on the net. It should be on the invoice but it is not on my 2018 invoice or on my partners 2019 invoice. So does anyone actually know what the support number is?

Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 3.04.32 PM They keep it hidden. found this searching around.

The number pbacot gave is the sales number. We don’t mind you calling that one, so long you buy something.

As the screenshot says, Pro users should be sent a number for technical support, but a request for an invoice is something that can be handled with an email to customer service. I can see both of your emails in the customer service queue, but alas they are far from being lonely. Your first email happens to be near the top of the queue. I have a suspicion you’ll hear from us soon.

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So its not in my subscription email, nor in my husbands? If you call the 303 number, they advise you to look in your email.
Why does it have to be a secret ? Can someone actually give us the number?

Ok great thanks Colin. Is there a reason that the contact number is a secret ?

I feel sure I’m not allowed to talk exact numbers, we’re already pretty busy even with the phone number being hard to find. But, if all 30+ million SketchUp users had our number, I would never go home.


I have received the invoice thank you. Would it not be possible to be required to enter ones maintenance serial number into the phone in order to access the maintenance. This is honestly the first time I have needed help directly from sketchup up since 2017 and I couldn’t find the number. In fact I still do not know what it is.

This version you have is a subscription, it only uses your email address. If you’re signed in with that address at the time the support page should let you contact technical support.

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