SketchUp2023: Advanced Attributes

I’m experiencing a situation in SketchUp 2023 where entries typed into the Advanced Attributes categories in Entity Info are no being retained? For example if I type 900 x 2100mm for Size for a door component definition, deselect the component and then reselect, the box has returned to a blank field?

Any thoughts on why I’m getting this behaviour?

Many thanks

it’s working ok for me. maybe try another component? (maybe start with a simple box and see if it is still happening) or for example, if it’s a component which sets the size attribute internally (like a DC could) that could be overwriting it.

Thanks Glenn

I’ve investigated this a bit further and it seems to be related to components created using the IFC Manager extension. If I create the component using SketchUp’s native Make Component then I can assign attributes such as size etc.

I’m assuming therefore that the IFC Manager extension places an override on Advanced Attributes but it would be useful to have that confirmed?

You can make a component with IFC manager. Ifc manager only sets the attributes of the ifc schema.

I’m fine making the component with IFC Manager but I can’t enter size information in Entity Info via Advanced Attributes…why is that?

You set attributes, the component it’s already make.

Hi, how does that relate to the question?

Look at this Cannot enter price, size or url on component in entity info

That’s interesting and describes a similar behaviour however the solution of making further instances doesn’t work in my case.

Attached a couple of screenshots. It seems that a component created using the IFC Manager extension (Right-Click > Create Building Element) doesn’t have the SU_DefinitionSet attributes whereas one created using Make Component does?

This is the reason:

Your IfcBuildingElement must have a component inside it and from that component it will inherit the properties you are trying to change, that’s why it won’t let you put them in because it has to inherit them from something.

Thanks rtches

So if that is the reason, what do I need to do in SketchUp to overcome it?

What is exactly your component? A wall, window, door? Why are you using IFC?
If your component is a wall you should classify as IfcWall not as IfcBuildingElement…
If you don’t need Ifc avoid classifications

Hi rtches, thank you for your further posting

Assuming I would like to use Ifc classifications, the components are not classifed as IfcBuilding Component, they are classified as IfcWall, IfcDoor etc. (e.g. the screenshots from the test file show an IfcDoor classification) - so no further forward.

I’m waiting to hear whether IFC Manager overrides the SU_DefinitionSet and causes the behaviour.

The behaviour is by Sketchup as says the link I posted. Try to insert the component from component palette.and it works fine. I tested as the link says.