Cannot enter price, size or url on component in entity info

I want to enter for a component the price, size and url in the extended attributes of the element info screen.
I can type in the values, but they are not saved. (as soon as I change selection and come back, the fields are empty again)
With owner and status it works.
Is there a special handling needed?
I am using SketchUp Pro 2022 on Win 10 home.

I tried for a bit to recreate this, I can’t do it. The fields are editable and retain their edits when I return to the component. I even tried on some Dynamic Components with programmed fill in those fields, still user changeable for me. I’m on a Mac in 2022, perhaps someone on Windows will come along to test? I feel like this would have come up before if the extended attributes were broken across all Windows, might be something specific going on with your setup here, are you using any specific cut-list or BIM type extensions that reference those fields?

Can you share a file that this is happening in, or just break out the one offending component into it’s own file to share?

Thanks for the ideas.

I tested a bit further: It is not a general issue. If I create a new file or I create a new component in the existing file, then I can set the price, size, url.
It seems to be an issue with components created a while ago, meaning with a previous version of SketchUp.
I have attached a new file with three components. Niraj and the box were created new in the file. The cylinder is copied from the other file. The issue is with the cylinder.
Could you try to set the price/size/url on the cylinder in attached file?

Price-size-url-issue.skp (205.4 KB)

There is something odd, if you edit those fields as the file is saved they will not stick, but add another instance and you can edit them.

Weired. It only works, if you add another instance from the component browser. If you copy/paste to create another instance, then it does not work.
So it seems I have to add an additional instance from the component browser and delete it again. Then I can enter these additional attributes.
Thanks for your help!

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