Support - Solid Component won't take price entered into field

Other objects will accept a price in the Entity Info panel. When I enter a price amount (ex 5.00), I’ll hit enter, tab, etc. When I click to another object and back to the original with the price set…it’s gone. Other objects I can set the price. This object does not appear to be dynamic as there are not component options/attributes.

Advanced Attributes are only displayed (and edited) in the Entity Panel, not in the DC Dialog panel.
Maybe upload the file where you see this?

I’ll get a SKP when I return home. I do have a screen shot of the area I’m updating the price but is never recorded.890329804urt829

I’ve attached the SKP file with a single component of the lumber. If you tag the price and change objects and go back…the price never stays/saves with that component.LumberPricing.skp (298.4 KB)

I can see it, too. There was a simular case recently where the component did not have a ‘dictionary’ (=set of attributes) there is something in common.

Did you name the instance yourself? Or was this done automatically?

Those instance attributes do stick, btw (Owner and Status)
Classifications can also be saved to the definition.

If you save the component, and bring it back in, it will work.
There was a bug reported ( SU-45970) in version 2020 about missing attributes, I haven’t seen it myself for a while.


Okay, good. Glad you see the issue as well. If you explode and recreate it as a component, then it works. However, I’m still new to SU, if you have 40 copies of a component, how do you do a mass update on all of them at that point. Once, I manually replaced them all. :frowning:

You get a notification when you recreate the (exploded) component to replace the existing ‘instances’.
But you have to take in account for the insertion point or ‘origin’ of the original
Better change them before the exploding /recreation and align it with the model axes. (or change them in the creation panel)


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Hi Mike,

I tried that and it worked! That will make life so much easier!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and taking the time to explain clearly!

Best wishes,

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