SketchUp Pro 2018 Component Advance Attributes

Hi, SkectUp fellas

I was testing the new components advance attributes options for generate reports and make some awesome spreadsheets but I having trouble with the components, after working in a model for hours typing data then the next day they all gone, and I’m unable to reenter the info to the component, after entering and going back to the component is empty again (without advance attributes)

I want to know if Im doing something wrong.



You might have a read here.

About half way down the page there’s some information about using Advanced Attributes with Dynamic Components.

interesting, for the moment I am creating components the article talks about dynamic components I will try to create them as dynamic components to test if that solves the problem.

Another thing I could recover my work, since I developed it in another file and then I copied it to a new one only with the components, maybe that’s why the data was erased in the new file and still remain in the original file.

You have named two instances the same , but they have different definitions. Should this not be the other way around?
Advanced attributes are attached to definitions, how you name the instances would not make a difference.

Oh well I screenshot diferent component not the same, sorry about that.

My model did the same thing. Came here to find answers. Have used advanced attributes fields for making reports in 2018 multiple times. This morning, all the fields appear to be empty for my components that i had filled previously.

Did you find any answers?

I just figured out what I did. Saved my model down to 2017 and then saved the 2017 as my new 2018 file… I will definitely not be doing that again…

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