Can i save and reuse customized component attributes?



Hi everyone!

I have a package of hundreds of elements from Revit witch i have to import to Sketchup Pro 2016, and i have to save them out one-by-one to Sketchup files with their own costumized attributes. First i started with IFC files, in Revit the element have 8 IFC attributes, but SU didn’t import these informations, and the materials were missing too. Then i tried with 3ds import, and i can see now the different materials, but there are no attributes in it as well. I can add customized attributes to one element, but my problem is, that i have to type all the custom attribute categories to each of the 500 elements. Does anybody know how i can save the customized categories i added once, and use them with the other elements to accelerate the process? At the end i have to generate a riport with all these 8 informations included, even if the project contains a lot of different elements, that’s why it’s important to have these attributes per item.
Here is a picture with an example of what i would like to reach with every piece of element without typing them one-by-one 500 times:

Thanks, Nora


Can you upload an example of an .ifc file , from revit?
And a . Dwg ?

#3 (20.1 KB)

Dear Mike!

In this .zip file you can find the .ifc and the .dwg what you asked for.

Thanks, N


Srry, I couldn’t respond earlier. When importing the .ifc , the attributes are displayed in the Component Options Dialog :
So , there must be a way to write them in the Components attributes themselves.
I will place this thread in ruby category.
@john_drivenupthewall ?

ifcimport.skp (220.9 KB)


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