SketchUp With Dave: A New Way of Learning

Dave is a Dublin Builder who shoots from the hip and is a dab hand at SketchUp. He likes to share his knowledge as well as his many opinions on a diverse range of topics. Here he generally just talks about the headline topic, though he does tend to wander a little from time to time.

So even if you know SketchUp backwards, you maybe should still take a look at this presentation. Dave has a unique style.

SketchUp With Dave (Episode 2: Shortcuts.)


Is this guy for real? I’m a Brit and I can hardly understand what he is saying. I thought he was saying “sawcuts” for shortcuts. The Dublin accent I am used to hearing is much gentler. His accent makes it sound as if he is taking the p**s.

Maybe his advice is good but I couldn’t bear to go on to the end. Do hope others fare better!


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I couldn’t help laughing.
I mistakenly took him for beeing from France till I could ask him in person (Base camp 2009 2010 in Boulder). Where he told me that he’s from Ireland or Scotland (I can’t remember).
His former video’s had a much better French accent though.


It’s not a Scottish or French accent. There is definitely Irish in there but it’s strangulated. I even detect some Liverpudlian. Maybe he has travelled widely and picked up some very personal and distinctive sounds. What we call a mid Atlantic accent, usually an American who has lived in the UK for some time, sounds very odd too, neither fish nor flesh.

The OP lives and works in Ireland. I wonder if he recognizes a Dublin accent. He’d know much better than me.

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I agree, maybe even a bit of brummie?

I know. But watch this:

That was quite funny, the main point I learned was this:

There’s 2 ways of using SketchUp: the right way and the stupid way.

His accent sounded Irish to me, but I’m from Scotland. On the back of his book it says he studied in Dublin and his home town is Cork.

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Ah, the penny has dropped. Le Corb and Dave may be one and the same. 'Cos that ain’t a french accent either. It’s not bad but it’s not genuine. The body language doesn’t look french either.

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Well, that’s a Dublin accent my friends. It’s a strong one indeed. All I can say is you’re lucky I didn’t do a Cork accent (where I’m from) because then you wouldn’t have understood a single word. :laughing:

I wouldn’t say it’s perfect but it’s not far off in fairness.

The French accent- Well no it wanders a bit to be fair. Needs intense practise to get it really tight.

Thanks for watching though. Comments always welcome good or bad. More to come!

As long as we can understand, :wink:!

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I’ll do my best! :wink:

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Thanks for the feedback :+1:

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normal informative post, easy, thanks!

Wow Wo3Dan,
This Corbusier fake from Basecamp 2010 is very ironic!
The claims about what LayOut is and can do (especially 10 years ago) are wildly inflated.
Wouldn’t it be great if LayOut had finally given “CAD” a “hard time”!
The aspiration is there, but 10 years later, it still is not at all realized.
Why do so many Pro users still have to export SU drawings to other 2D programs to get decent production and output?
I’d love to see an update of this video at the next BaseCamp … if Trimble would dare!