SketchUp Talk Podcast

I recently listened to a couple of the new SketchUp Talk podcasts, hosted by @Caroline and @TheOnlyAaron. One episode featured a chat with @jbacus, and another with @DaveR - both very enjoyable to hear. Keep it up!


Hey @TDahl,

I can’t find the podcast episode featuring @DaveR. Maybe you could post the link to that episode?

Hi J. V., I discovered the “Dave” episode (and I think two additional episodes, that I haven’t listened to yet) on the Apple iTunes Store (or whatever it’s called these days) site. I can’t find a complete episode list on the SketchUp web site.

Here’s the website I found that I could use on windows Donuts, Design, & Debate.

Hey guys! Thanks for sharing. We’ll be posting a blog each week for the ones that are on iTunes, so you’ll find them there (eventually) too.

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