New Podcast - Donuts & Design

What do Donuts and Design have in common?

  1. They are both awesome
  2. They both start with the letter “D”
  3. They are both in the title of our new podcast which we will be recording live this Thursday!

Donuts & Design is your chance to take a break, enjoy a donut, and listen to thoughts and opinions on the state of design! What kind of design? Why pick one? Let’s talk architecture, product design, landscaping, graphic design… if there is a way to connect a topic to design, we can talk about it!

Join us of a live recording of our first episode this Friday on Crowdcast and help us define exactly what this podcast can be!

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Getting ready to start! Swing by and join us for our first live recording!

hola quería saber si lo van a subir a la cuenta de YouTube para poder verlo y traducirlo al español

We will be uploading these podcasts to YouTube (likely the Monday after recording). They should be available for download (audio podcast) at the same time!