Sketchup web Freezing after every action2

Good day and thank you for readin.

I use Sketchup Shop in Google Chrome version 94.0. I suddenly have constant freezes in this model that I uploaded. the program will freeze after every command such as erasing a line or perhps pulling and pushing

My PC is a ryzen 3500x, Grpahics card is MAD RT 5600xt 6 gig, 16 gig memomry and and M.2 card

I tried disabling automtic save and it seems to help for a bit but then it goes right back to freezing regularly for a couple of seconds.

I can for example not do anything for about 2 to 3 seconds after i delete a line. When attempting to push and pull nothing will happen for about 2 to 3 seconds when i start using the command.

raspad3 full.stl (43.1 KB)

Share the .skp file with us instead of a .stl so we can see the state of your model and try it on our end.

Its a 20 meg file it wont upload

So upload the file to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link.

Yes give me a sec busy with that

The file is huge for no more than you have in it. Lots of unused stuff. I fixed the incorrect tag usage and purged unused stuff. I did this in the desktop version so I could show you reports of what changed. This reduced the file size by amlost 99.5%.
Screenshot - 10_15_2021 , 12_27_22 PM

Screenshot - 10_15_2021 , 12_27_46 PM

See if your computer behaves any better with this file.
raspad3 full purge.skp (124.7 KB)

FWIW, if you are planning to 3D print this thing, remember to correct the face orientation on the bottom and clean up the stray bits of geometry like the ones shown selected.
Screenshot - 10_15_2021 , 12_33_28 PM

OK thank you so much. Yes the model is still work in progress. How would I reduce unnecesary stuff in Shop? and could you think of anything I could change in my modelling that cause these bloated models

I would start by deleting all of the tags. Your current model isn’t using any of them anyway. Open the Overflow menu by clicking on the 3 dots and then click on the trashcan icon. Rinse and repeat for the rest of the tags.

Next purge unused components. Open the Component panel, make sure you are looking at the In Model components (click on the house icon) and click on the Purge button.

Repeat for Materials.

Purge components first and then purge materials.

Going forward, keep your models lean and clean as you go. It’ll make the process easier and you won’t experience the delays created by a bunch of unneeded baggage.

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AH I justsaw that. Thank you very much

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You’re quite welcome.

By the way, are the screw holes all supposed to go completely through the part?

Im changing those screw holes but the idea is to screw the screen cover onto the bottom section from the bottom os basically yes

So they aren’t through holes and shouldn’t be see on the upper side?

let me send you another file of the two components combined

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OK its in the same folder shared

I’ll look ASAP. Thanks.

Whenever you can. I just noticed there is a ton of extra stuff when importing the other model so now getting rid of that as well, or atleast trying to

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I had a look and your model looks fine after purging unused stuff.

Looks like you need the bosses for the screws in the base and matching ones for the top.

One thing in your original model: It appeared as if you were basically drawing all the features in 2D before starting to extrude things and make them 3D. That’s a good way to wind up with internal faces and other bad geometry. I find it is generally better to start something like your enclosure by only drawing the features that would be exposed on the bottom face. Then extrude to the thickness of the bottom of the box. Keep adding features as you build up.

Here’s a quick example. Perimeter of the box, extruded to the thickness of the bottom and the wall outline with screw bosses added. Pulled up to the bottom of the screw holes and holes outlined. Walls pulled up to full height. At no point is there ever anything to repair, no missing faces, not stray geometry, nothing but the features you need.

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Thank you i will keep this in mind

I also had that freezing problem and it turned out to be with my internet connection. I contacted Xfinity and they found a problem in the neighborhood. They called me the next day and everything was working fine.