Sketchup web exporter?

how can i download the last version and a good example

i see this is installed for ‘sketchup 6’

Can you use it in sketchup pro2015?

Thank you

I think that is obsolete and no longer supported.

Nowadays you put models on the 3D Warehouse, and then get an embed link from each model’s page, and paste the embed link on you webpage. The 3D model webview will display in an inline frame on your website. for embedding a 3D Warehouse model.


I have a model where i have add several components. When they click on a component it turns red (saying this one is selected). I have done this with Dynamic components and have added a function on click SET(“Material”,“base”,“Red”). Now i want to read the 3d model which components are Red (are selected) ?
How can this be done?
I publish this 3d model via 3d warehouse on my website but now i want to read the model which components are red (selected). Can i do this with javascript?

Thank you

Sorry, there is no web-based interface to SKP files. Nor is there any Dynamic Component interaction yet built into the 3D Webviewer.

You could write up a Feature Request for DC Interaction built-in.

If your website wants to do things with SKP files, then it would need to download the SKP to it’s server, and use the SDK to read the file’s data.

Note. I moved your other topic into the Developers Feature Request category, so it will serve as a request for future functionality, or a new product.

Cross Reference to Feature Request:

Thank you

This would really make my life a lot easier

Indeed maybe in the near future



is this not what i am searching?

or is the Rubi api not webbased?

Can you explain please


No. Ruby is a general-purpose programming language. SketchUp embeds an interpreter for Ruby, and the SketchUp Ruby API provides objects and methods for manipulating a SketchUp model. Ruby can be and is used by many people to program web sites (see Ruby on Rails), or to fetch data from the web, but it is not “webbased” and neither is the SketchUp Ruby API.