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Potentially not a pure Sketchup question but it might be as I might need to do something in the material editor. Anyway.
I am trying to create vray proxies from Sketchup geometry. This bit seems fine but materials don’t get included. IS this just the case with vraŷ proxies and I have to reassign materials after I use the proxy in another SU file?
When I insert my proxy it comes in with just a color (correct UV info but just a color) - is this effectively a material ID that I can replace with a new Sketchup material (with the correct tex maps in)? (or vray material). Or am I missing something in the initial proxy export process?
I can’t seem to find hard and fast info on this in the vray for su help docs or on YouTube - @robertjuch has some excellent tuts up there that seem to deal with this process but (sorry @robertjuch) I can’t quite get over the language barrier☺️. Any ideas? Is that just the way it is.



Hi, at first I want to say that I am only regular user😉. I made my videos, because there is a lot of people who doesn’t know English. But in English probably everything is said.

There is two ways to make external components, which Vray uses during the render:

  1. Method to make Vray proxy (file contains only geometry)
    This method allows you to change meaterials. For example make different diffuse for each component assigned randomly.

If you will import these proxies into new SketchUp file, you will get only geometry with different material IDs.

If you want copy vray proxies between different SketchUp files with materials (ctr+c and Ctrl+v, or import skp file with this proxy component), you should include your materials inside vray proxy component. Here is very nice tutorial about this case from @sketchuparchive

  1. Method to make Vray scene (file contains geometry, materials and lights).
    Importing these files you don’t have to worry about materials. But you can’t change any materials parameters after that. One way to change something is to replace your Vray scene file. Here is also @sketchuparchive’s tutorial

I am answering from my phone, I hope that everything is understandable :wink:


Thanks @robertjuch. I thought that might be the case. My plan was to Skatter a proxy rather than introduce more baked in geometry into the scene. I’ll have a look at those tuts. Many thanks for your time


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