Proxies's material missing

I have an issue with proxies. I downloaded a house model from warehouse and render it. Its works perfectly. But When I convert it to proxy and render it, It shows some default colors. proxy render was the same file which I convert. not an imported proxy. Here I attached both images.
Please help me and thanks in advance. First one is actual model and the second one is proxy render.

Check the materials, make sure the path to the texture in the proxy model is correct

Also, check that the original model has the faces correctly oriented.

yeah… I checked that too. Material paths are correct.
Is there any possibility for default material for the back side of the faces causes this issue?

You have the 3D model, check it and see how it is.

Also, read this thread, especially kimi’s post:
If the white wall of the house is in fact default white faces (‘without’ material), paint it with Color M00 and create again the proxy and render again.