Lost material when using proxy in vray 4.2

Hi everyone, I have a problem when using proxy in vray 4.2, and I don’t know how to solve it.

I convert a tree into proxy, when rendering, I don’t see the map material, I just see the colors such as red, blue, pink…as the picture.

In section File Path Editor, the link of proxy is green…

I wish anyone will help me, Thank a lot


Add Bitmap to Diffuse

Thank you so much ! But for a example, we have a room with many objects, and we use proxy, get map by map for each object taking too much time,
And in the clip of Rendering Essential, he practices with vray 3.6, I use vray 4.2 version, it’s different to apply his menthod.

The idea remains the same, you need to introduce the path to the texture so that V-ray can render it.

Let I try, thank you pro :slight_smile:

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