Sketchup vray bump map (extra geometry appears when rendering)

Hi! I’ve posted this topic on chaosgroup forum but maybe somebody had the same problem. When I use bump map to add a noise there are some lines on the surface appears in rendering with GPU. Here is a simple shape to which bump map has been applied. Guys, could you check if you get the same when in GPU mode? I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what can really cause it but no success. Thanks.

vray bump issue.skp (305.2 КБ)

You get the same in CPU rendering, it just shows more under GPU probably Duse to the different optimisations.
It seems to be a geometry tessellation issue. You can resolve it by adding two (softened) lines to isolate the area.

hope this helps.

Just right now found what solves the issue “texture placement type” should be set as 3d (object space).


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