SKETCHUP visibility & Layout Text BOX

Hi All,

I am getting very frustrated with this software. I am having issues with the visibility of items in scenes. I groups that are hidden but items within the group are still showing. The scenes update seems to ignore what has been hidden. If I hide some basic geometery it is hidden across all scenes. Is this how it was designed to work? I thought Scenes allowed you to specify what is hidden and what is not!!

Can anybody explain why my text boxes in Layout have all turned red? They are text so not added with the model. They were added directly via Layout? I have relinked the model and nothing seems to work except exploding them.


How are your scenes configured? And when you update them, do you tick all the boxes in the update dialog? Can you post a model that is causing you these problems?

You should be using tags to control what is visible and what isn’t in scenes. They make it much easier to manage your model. If you are using Hide instead, make sure that the appropriate properties to update are select for the scenes.

If they lose their connection to the model, they will turn red showing they need to be reconnected. It’s a simple matter to select the labels and reconnect them, especially if you have put all the labels onto a Layer in LayOut.

Thanks Big D as ever. However, they have nothing to do with the model. They are text that has been added via layout. They re like the logo on my layout template which isn’t attached to a model so I do not understand how they can lose their connection as it was never there in the first place.

Hi Anssi,

thanks for responding.

It is a very big model.
I do tick all the boxes when I update it.

Ahh… My mistake. That wasn’t clear in your first post.

It would be interesting to see the LO file.

Hi Dave,

I have just exploded them all which solved the issue. So frustrating.

Exploded the text boxes?

It was a group. A text box and a line.

Hmmm… I guess I’ve never seen a plain text box, whether in a group or not, show as disconnected. Labels, yes. Plain text boxes, no.

I thought that I could recover the file to show you but I have overwritten it. Looking at it it may be a label which then makes absolute sense.

Hmmm… Well, if you see it again, send me the file.



Am I right in thinking that it is very easy for a piece of loose text to become a label by putting it over or at the edge of a SU viewport? Its location in relation to the viewport is set so that when you change something to do with the viewport, the link that LO thinks your text has to the SU drawing is affected and LO then highlights that by turning it red.

The red does not seem to print out, so if you are sure you are not missing anything, you can export without anyone but you knowing there is any issue.

Thanks Simon. I just exploded everything and it fixed it. It just seems so random when it does it.