Sketchup tutorials: missing ground shadows


So I am following the Sketchup tutorials, but notice that they are done in Sketchup 2018, while I use 2021. I wish they weren’t constantly changing things every single year.

This is what the guy does, he added shadows (incl cast shadows on the ground).

When I do it, slightly differently (Window > Default Tray > shadows, it generates shadows on the object, but no cast shadows on the ground. There is no toggle or button for ground shadows anywhere.

How can I add ground shadows in Sketchup Pro 2021? Thank you…

The only difference regarding what you show there as far as the user interface goes is they use Mac and you’re using Windows. There’s been no change in the Shadows panel for many years. They have not been changing things every year.

In the screen shot from your version of the model you have not turned on Shadows. Turn them on with the button in the upper left corner of the Shadows panel. All you’ve done is turn on Use sun for shading which changes where the light appears to come from for shading the faces. Without it the light appears to come from the camera. It does not add shadows, though.
Screenshot - 2_13_2022 , 11_07_37 AM

Wow, I looked everywhere, but did not notice that this icon was a clickable button. Thank you!

You can also toggle shadows on and off via the ‘View’ menu: