SketchUp trial not opening for use

I just started with sketchup trial version 2 weeks ago and now it will not open to use.

Which version of SketchUp are you trying to use? Your profile is very confusing. Are you using SketchUp Free (Web) or are you trying to use SketchUp 2019 Pro? And if the latter, why 2019? The current version and the one for which you could get a license is 2021.

If you are using a desktop version and not the web version, did you install it correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer file and selecting Run as administrator?

Hi thanks for the reply.
I had originally installed the 2017 free edition, but as of today it would not open.
I have uninstalled it and will try to reinstall.

So nothing even close to what you put in your profile. Please update your profile with the correct information.

Probably no need to uninstall SketchUp. You can probably just repair the installation. Make sure you right click on the installer and choose Run as administrator. then if prompted, choose Repair.

Sorry this is new to me, I am trying to learn sketchup, I have re installled the 2017 free version,
when I click on it it just spins and stops, with no indication for why.

The layout tab and Style builder tabs will open, but not the sketchUp 2017 tab

Did you install as I told you to do?

Go to the graphics card manufacturer’s site, get their latest drivers for your graphics card and install them. Then power the computer off and back on and try SketchUp again.

Thank you I’ll try it.

Also keep in mind that if you are going to be using this in your residential design business, you need SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Make. And since you would be using Pro, you might as well install SketchUp 2021 since they don’t sell licenses for SketchUp 2017 anymore.

By the way, I like the huge front porch on the white house at the bottom. i wish our house had that.