New SketchUp Pro licence but can't open SketchUp

I’ve just purchased a SketchUp 2022 Pro licence after previously using SketchUp Pro 2022 in an educational capacity. I’ve downloaded SketchUp Pro and followed the prompts to the point where it says I’m ready to go. When I click into SketchUp it just takes me back to the set up with all the questions (language etc) and I’m just going round in circles? I literally have no clue what to do. Am I missing something? Thanks for any help in advance, Heidi


First step: Make sure SketchUp is installed correctly. Find the downloaded installer in your Downloads folder, right click on it, choose Run as administrator, and if give the choice, choose Repair. After that has completed do a power off reboot of your computer and try to open SketchUp.

There should be 3 shortcuts icons on your desktop, one of them being SketchUp.
Or type ‘SketchUp’ in the bottom left search box of windows.