Sketchup to unreal: wall fused together issue

Hello! Totally new to the forum here, and self-taught at Sketchup and Unreal so it’s very likely I’m doing beginner mistakes.
My issues is that wen I export a Sketchup model to Unreal Engine, I can hide or unhide all the objects separately, except for my floors and walls: they seem to be glued together; so when I toggle a wall off, all walls, as well as the floor, get hidden.
In Sketchup I can hide each wall and floor part individually.
How could I make sure to only hide1 wall off my model rather than all of them at once in Unreal?

I am on Sketchup Pro 2022 and Unreal Engine 5.3.2.

Many thanks for any help

Are the separate walls and floor components or groups?

Can you share the Sketchup model?

Hello, they are neither components nor groups :grimacing: I guess that would be the issue?

Yes. It would.

Loose geometry generates a lot of issues. You said you are able to hide the walls and floors, I think you have geometry tagged. Learning by yourself can lead you to make some mistakes, there are free courses on the sketchup website made by official trainers and sketchup team members that will show you how to model properly.