SketchUp to sculptris to SketchUp

So I imported the SketchUp collada into blender, then imported the obj in sculptris… but it crashes sculptris.



I was able to edit one model in Sculptris, but upon reimporting it into SketchUp it had terrible geometry and overlapping faces errors. I was able to select and delete a couple overlapping faces, but I’m hoping there’s an easier way.

My question is, what’s the correct way to modify SketchUp models with sculptris, then import them back into SketchUp?

P.S. Perhaps my import/export settings are wrong or something? Do I need to subdivide my planes before importing it into Sculptris? Does Sculptris only work with solids?

I figured out a method that works for me.

  1. Subdivide a solid group in SketchUp enough to edit in Sculptris. I used Artisan to subdivide. If all the faces aren’t oriented properly, then Blender will create coplanar faces.
  2. Export COLLADA from SketchUp.
    Check triangulate all faces and preserve component hierarchies.
  3. Import COLLADA to Blender, no check marks.
  4. Export Wavefront (.obj) with operator presets.
  5. Import OBJ in Sculptris.
  6. Turn detail off, or it will create gaps in the seams. This is very important.
  7. Sculpt
  8. Export OBJ
  9. In Blender, import Wavefront (.obj) with operator presets
  10. Export COLLADA with operator presets
  11. In SketchUp, Import COLLADA with validate COLLADA file & Merge coplanar faces checked

Now, you should be (hopefully) left with a solid group in SketchUp that was edited with Sculptris.

I have yet to achieve this on a more complex model, but at least it worked. It’s also nice to have a written method, so I can hopefully get it to work again later…

P.S. Sorry for the bootleg screenshots… I have no internet right now.

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