Adding obj from 3D Warehouse

Hello! I am newbie in Sketchup and decided to model a building which by now goes very well. I imported simple free 3D model from the warehouse and placed it in my project. I saved everything as a collada file and opened it up in blender (I create the building for a videogame and must be exported from blender) everything loads up except of the model from the 3D warehouse that I added. I tried obj format (it works) but I want to edit some glass textures in blender so I want to use collada for preference. My question is: Can I merge a model from the 3D warehouse in my project and to save it overal without losing it in blender. Any tricks, reccomendations will be appreciated :slight_smile:
Version: Sketchup Pro 2021

It’s easier to help you if you upload your model to the forum, including the3D Warehouse model.

If it is smaller than about 15MB, drag and drop it into your next post. If it is bigger, use a file sharing service like Dropbox, OneDrive or WeTransfer and post a link to the shared file. - Файл организатор - here you go :slight_smile: