SketchUp To Precise Solids


Our development team is looking for SketchUp users who need to convert their data into precise analytical or NURB solids suitable for solid modeling operations (blends, booleans, shelling) as well as export to STEP/SAT/IGES. If you are interested in providing feedback the link below provides access to a fully functional beta for Mac and PC. Some example videos of conversions and workflows are also available.


Interesting idea. What are the available export formats? I have been looking for ways to get smoothed curved objects from SketchUp to Revit. Closed SketchUp “solids” import into Revit as solids via DWG, but all the flat faces become visible.



Formats include IGES, SAT, STEP, & DWG. When saving to DWG, we embed SAT data (not mesh/triangle) for the surface/solid data.