Convert .SKP file to .STP or .IGS

I am needing to convert a SKP file to an .IGS or .STP.
On the web, i see offering a converter. But I am not sure how reliable the converter is. Does anyone have experience with this converter?
Or is there an extension in the extension warehouse I could use?
Thank you for your help!!

You might take a look at this thread:

Rhino 3D can import native SketchUp files, then you can easily save as iges or step (that’s my workflow anyway).

I’ve tried a few exporters in the past but never been great, this is working well so far.

I think too that Rhino is the best jack of all trades today as the number of supported 3D formats is concerned.
If the application you are exporting to understands DWG or DXF you can try using that as transfer format. SketchUp solids will register as solids when exported to DWG or DXF from SketchUp Pro.

Note that in every case, the fact that SketchUp is a face modeller will show. Curved surfaces are faceted instead of truly curved.

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