Dealing with clients who use other formats

So I’m sure I’m not the only one frustrated by Sketchup’s import/export limitations. I can’t import STP or IGS files, nor can I export them.

DWGs work sometimes, if I’m lucky.

What workarounds do you guys have when you need to access or send out a format that’s not SU friendly?

For import there’s SimLab STEP importer for Sketchup and SimLab IGES importer for Sketchup.

I use Rhino to import native skp files and then export igs

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Checkout ViaCAD, also:

lots of import and export…

+1 for the simlab import extensions. I use the step importer all the time and it works flawlessly. Sometimes you have to let it chew on a file for a while but it has not failed me yet.

DWG works pretty good for me in and out.

SketchUp is a polygon modeler (everything made of lines and facettes), the mentioned 3D CAD formats do contain data based on curves (NURB splines).

Nothing a polygon modeler natively can use of, importing via SimLab plugin results in slabbing the contained smooth NURBS surfaces to a facetted polygon mesh.