Can I import STEP, SolidWorks,or IGES file to SU2017 Make?



Hello All
It is nice to find this forum
Someone contributed a file a want in three different formats
STEP, SolidWorks ,and IGES
Can I use any of these in SU2017 Make?
If so ihow can it be done ?

I am obliged for an answer


Did you try looking in the Extension Warehouse?


No but I will Thanks



If I did this often enough I would invest in an extension. Since I do not, I use FreeCAD. On Windows you can automate the conversion with a script. I posted an example on SketchUcation forums one time - search for FreeCAD there. I can post the script here when I get to a desktop.


I used a Step file before in SketchUp if I remember correctly. I think I converted it to dxf using Heekscad or Freecad (don’t remember). You will loose all ‘smart’ functionality of the original Step file (or any other format) once it gets converted to dxf.

In SketchUp, you will get a (big) facet-ted model with lot of ‘dumb’ triangles. Don’t expect you can use it for modelling. Maybe as a prop (file format suggests its some machine part).