Import other 3D formats


I have a 3D vendor has many formats for import but not .skp nor 3D.dwg is there an extension i need?
The List



all of them are 3D CAD formats (besides raster formats as e.g. JPEG and PDF) containing surfaces/volumes based on NURB spline curves, which is not usable in a polygon-based mesh modeler representing everything based on lines and facettes.

You may want use the common, non-proprietary STEP format to convert the NURBS surfaces/solids contained to polygon meshes by importing with the (commercial) SimLab STEP Importer plugin (trial avail.).


I found the files on the 80/20inc web sight under Trimble SketchUp. Needs to be Pro but i am.


Your profile says you are using Make.


Your list shows IFC. It is a format supported by SketchUp Pro.


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