Convert SketchUp to IGS or Solid Works

I know that these files are not compatible or even in same format so I have files that probably need redrawing in Solid Work. Can anybody do it?

  • export to DWG or save down to SKP v2015
  • import in ViaCAD 2D/3D
  • recreate model using surfaces/solids
  • export to STEP format
  • import in SWX

Contact Simlab, they have importers for SolidWorks / IGES and might have SU exporters for these in the works…

doubt this because converting NURBS surfaces/solids to facetted polygon meshes is one thing, vice versa another thing…

I did try ViaCad but it failed miserably. I contacted them about it but as yet have no reply

doubt this, probably a PICNIC.

I’m not quite sure but are you calling me a liar?

My apologies I may have misunderstood. What is a PICNIC?

it’s computer slang “Problem In Chair Not In Computer” …


Well that’s distinctly possible. but I did send the resultant file to a solid works user and he said even the holes were not circular. He also sent images from his computer that showed a mass of lines. I did not however recreate the file by using surfaces/solids as sketch_de says but when software options are export to igs then that is what you would expect it to do


changing the file format does obviously not change the content of the contained data, i.e. simply importing the facetted polygon meshes created with SU into another 3D modeler doesn’t automagically convert them to NURBS surfaces/solids … but needs to be done manually by yourself… an export to STEP/SAT/IGES will exactly contain what was imported… everything in SU is made of edges and plain faces (see “View > Hidden Geometry”).

Do you do contract work. If you can I can send you the file? if you can convert to IGS

I have 5 files altogether some simple some moore complex.

Can anybody convert my Sketchup files to IGS or solid works? Help

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In SketchUp, I export in .ifc and I can open it in Solidworks. I avoid dwg. it always works but there’s missing info sometimes.