Convert skp file to step file

Is there an extension available to convert skp files ( Sketchup ) to step files ( Solidworks )
If not, a developer who can assist

Simlab exporter

Many thanks, can you possibly share the link?

It does not support .stp, .step files to export to.
(Only the importer does, as far as I know…)

No direct exporter, for deep mathematical reasons.

SU works with lines (vertex) that then create faces, some of them creating solids.
Stem file is a nurb file.

Your best guess is to go through a third party, fusion360 apparently reads SU files and exports step files, and there is a free version for hobbyists. the threads mentions Punch2D/3D, Rhino, Freecad (using a STL)

It’s a similar issue with many other softwares, autocad, revit, archicad, they all need to use a multi step solution or a workaround to translate to step.

Beware a supposed convertor that’s been advertised for a while by some devs in India. I contacted them about it months ago and they became very aggressive in pursuing my details. Like, all my details. It felt very, very scammish.